50 ppm Hydro-Health (500 ML x 24 pcs Box ) for ONLY $135,INCLUDING S&H (ONLY $ 5.62 per bottle)
50 ppm Hydro-Health (500 ML x 24 pcs Box ) for ONLY $135,INCLUDING S&H (ONLY $ 5.62 per bottle)

50 ppm Hydro-Health (500 ML x 24 pcs Box ) for ONLY $135,INCLUDING S&H (ONLY $ 5.62 per bottle)

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Now only $135 per case ( $ 5.62 per bottle). FREE standard shipping to the 48 contiguous United States. Please allow 3-4 days for order processing and max. 10-12 business days for delivery.

If you used to drink 65, 85 or 105 ppm DDW "Preventa", then drinking 50 ppm HYDRO-HEALTH now would be an excellent, much more affordable option to continue to lower your deuterium level. Compared to 65 ppm or 85 ppm "Preventa", our 50 ppm is a better choice, price-wise for the same volume of water. Alternately, if you prefer to dilute it, then you can add 250 ML of any other drinking water to obtain 750 ML of 85 ppm, or add 100 ML to obtain 600 ML of 65 ppm

Price includes S&H to the contiguous US. For AK, HI and Puerto Rico additional freight rates apply.

Domestic and International Deliveries accepted. For countries not listed, please contact us for shipping options at sales@extralightwater.com 

For those who believe that drinking higher ppm waters (like 85 or 105 ) is a better choice, then diluting  50 ppm water at home by adding regular drinking water (usually in the range of 145-150 ppm or more) is a good way to obtain your preferred "ppm" water.


50 ppm HydroHealth, Deuterium-Depleted Water for:

Our customers who are serious about lowering the deuterium levels in the body prefer to have a permanent stock of water doses. The 24pcs box is the minimum stock required for 24 days.  


Ideal for small bars, like the ones in fitness clubs. Small retail businesses that sell one bottle at a time find the 24pcs box more convenient to order, compared to water in jugs.

50 ppm HydroHealth Water is perfect for meeting rooms, so having a permanent supply is always a good idea.